Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer RVPD – Working Principle Animation

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator 3d Animation

Prolific 3D Tech Presents 'Rotary vacuum paddle Dryer or Paddle Dryer RVPD' Animation for 'Chemiplant Engineering' which is used to obtain dry Powder from wet cake or solutions. It is a system in which steam/hot water is used as a heating medium in the jacket, in the hollow paddle & shaft. Dust collector, condenser, receiver and vacuum pump are also the part of the system. The agitation is continuous by means of heated rotating paddles and minimum clearance is kept between scrapers and heated walls which provides a efficient heat transfer from the wet feed to dry state. This results in the solvent/moisture evaporation and converts the wet material dry, to the required proportion. The vapors formed are removed by vacuum. Absence of large air flows virtually eliminates dust problems and also the energy consumption remains low.

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